Escrow Services

PPF Escrow is a full-service escrow company which provides escrow services for transactions in the state of California


Buying or selling a previously owned home: Every resale transaction is unique and requires the complete focus of a dedicated team of escrow professionals. With a track record of consistent quality and service, we have earned our reputation as one of the most trusted providers of this escrow service.


Are you buying or selling a property that is zoned commercial or industrial: Our specialized team of Escrow Officers is prepared to deal with the unique challenges that often arise in a commercial transaction. PPF Escrow understands every aspect of the transaction and will execute the most efficient processes in order to ensure a successful close.


Refinancing involves replacing an existing mortgage loan with new financing and requires an experienced escrow team that understands the intricacies associated with the transaction. Through problem-solving and timely follow-up, our own escrow team knows how to successfully complete your refinance transaction.


While you can buy or sell a home yourself, you will still need to use an escrow company to close the sale.  As a neutral third party, we can handle your FSBO transaction smoothly and efficiently. Our team has the knowledge and foresight to guide you through the closing process, assisting with the necessary forms to complete your transaction successfully.


PPF Escrow has closed many transactions involving private financing. With private financing, funds are borrowed from a person, business, or investor instead of a bank. The requirements of a private mortgage holder are similar to those of a bank but have significant differences.  We are well-prepared handle this situation and facilitate the closing.


REO’s involve the purchase of property that is bank or lender-owned as a result of foreclosure. These transactions present special challenges, such as strict timelines and rigorous bank reporting standards. Our Escrow Officers are experienced in processing REO escrows and meeting the high expectations of our clients.


The process of administering a decedent's estate is referred to as "probate" and is generally supervised by the probate court. A probate sale will require either 1) court confirmation of the sale of the property or 2) authority to administer the estate under the Independent Administration of Estates Act. PPF Escrow has extensive knowledge of probate law and will ensure that all of the necessary steps are followed to close your transaction within the guidelines.


A short sale refers to a transaction in which the sale price will not generate enough proceeds to cover the payoff of the existing mortgage. Our team of Escrow Officers understands every aspect of a short sale. We are extensively trained to foresee troublesome transactions and prevent problems in advance.