Our Assurance to You

At PPF Escrow, the quality and integrity of every customer’s escrow our primary focus.  We are equipped with the highest technical security and intrusion detection and prevention and programs to insure our clients’ non-public information and their assets and funds are secure.  Our employees are trained and tested regularly on the latest security threats.

Our Security & Privacy Measures

PPF Escrow stores and processes all client information in its own private data center.  We do not store anything in the cloud, or any other shared public data center.  Our own data center is secured by a enterprise grade unified threat management system. We ensure all computers (including servers, laptops and desktops) are protected from intrusion by employing two-factor authentication and a secured Virtual Private Network (VPN).   While our competition has fully embraced the “cloud” and is storing all of your data in unknown foreign locations, we will never accept that means of doing business. All file transfers between our escrow team and outside agents and vendors are secured by encrypted file transfer methods.  Encrypted file transfer systems ensure privacy while authenticating both sender and reciever.

Our Employees

To comply with the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) and to ensure PPF Escrow maintains a safe and productive work environment, all employees must submit to fingerprinting and criminal background checks.  All employees also recieve training to help them detect and avoid wire fraud attacks. Our employees are tested regularly with simulated phishing and wire fraud attacks to test their knowledge.  They always report all suspicious activity to our network operations center.

Our Escrow Management Partner

All of our customer’s escrows and their associated documents are organized and stored in a database that is maintained in our own data center. The software is a product of a US based company that is trusted and well known in the industry. All escrows are retained for 5 years and can be quickly located within the database.