Welcome to PPF Escrow

PPF Escrow has been serving the California real estate market since 2013. We have served our client base with dependable and reliable service from inception.  We continue to provide excellent communication, standards and quality to our client base, as well as our trusted referral partners.  We will continue to exceed your expectations for all of your real estate transactions!

We provide the same level of service that the big escrow companies provide, but at a much more personable level. Our escrow team is very accessible and very personable, and can be reached directly.

PPF Escrow is an independent escrow company licensed by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI). We act as a neutral third party to all transactions we manage. Annually, we complete the following:

  • Submit to mandatory annual CPA audit
  • Elect to undergo our Service Organization Controls (SOC) audit annually
  • Members of the Escrow agents’ Fidelity Corporation which provides fidelity coverage for member trust accounts
  • Audits by Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) every other year


Our services

We service many areas of residential real estate including resale transactions between buyers and seller, new home sales between buyers and developers, and investment transactions. Whether you are an agent, a broker, a buyer, or a seller, PPF Escrow is the best choice for your next real estate transaction.

Resale Transactions

PPF Escrow can serve as an independent third party in the escrow process for ordinary home resale transactions.

New Home Sales

PPF Escrow is able to serve as the escrow agents for new home sales between developers and individual home purchasers.

Income Properties

PPF Escrow is able to serve as the escrow agent for complex sales involving investment properties. No transaction is too big for us.

Escrow is an important part of home buying

Escrow is the final step in the closing process.  Escrow companies and their officers serve an important role in the transaction.  Once you choose your dream home and are approved for a home mortgage you must begin the escrow process to close out the transaction.